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Why on earth would that person read our comments if they don't like the content? : D It's 42F here at the moment but expected to drop to low 30's this coming week. You definitely get that luxurious and modern vibe when you walk into the spa.It is a perfect serene and western feel mixed with hints of exotic Asian culture, different from any other spa in Taipei.She also would check in to ensure the pressure point was ok.It is truly a fantastic massage to get every single knot out. Her purifying facial treatment makes your skin feel smooth and enriched.I really didn’t even realize we spent over 3 hours at Sparkle because the time just whisks away when you’re indulging in paradise away from the crowded city.At Sparkle, California cool meets far east spirituality to make for a comforting spa experience that is perfect for travelers!

: D I did say not to let hubby's sister get the upper hand but that wasn't putting her down ......

In addition to all the great amenities, Sparkle also provides comfortable bathrobes and a closet where you can put all your belongings.

It was tremendous during the day with the natural light just pouring in and an amazing view of the city on the 17th floor.

Everything is just very appealing to your senses from the decor to the aromas.

Every little detail is accounted for in bringing you the absolute best experience.

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