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It's not a simple one-step process to regain a lost relationship, especially if a new relationship is already in play.

Instead of trying to use the same old techniques repeatedly, hoping that one of them magically works out in your favor, think of things differently - and come up with a plan that actually works and places you back into your ex's life.

In the meantime, you're reestablishing a positive connection and a bond with your ex.

Things are moving at a natural pace, and your ex is going to be interested in moving things forward.

He will never leave his new girl if he is not pining for you.

Luckily there are things that you can do to make this happen.

That last one is the kind of thing that, after your stomach does a few flips, will make your face all hot and cause you to immediately lose your appetite.They value your advice, and they have already started trusting you - and you've proven by your actions that this trust is not unfounded.Seeing each other face to face is the next logical step, and it's one that can exponentially increase your chance of winning him back for good.Eventually, they'll want to see you and carry out a conversation in person - away from all the technology and impersonal contact that the two of you have shared up until now.Since you've remained mature and impartial, they're going to start to depend on your input when it comes to make decisions.

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